Our skilled team will follow these steps to ensure proper sanitisation and disinfection:

  • Our skilled team of people will carefully vacuum clean the premises, followed by spray of recommended soap based cleaning solutions.
  • All visible hard surfaces will be sprayed with a detergent based solution to ensure all germs are removed. The tiles will also be sprayed for extra sanity.
  • As a 2-step clean, the next round of clean will be done with 1,000 ppm bleach solution.
  • In some cases, we do a 2 in 1 clean physical clean using a concentrated mix of detergent and bleach solution while ensuring the surfaces are non-toxic and completely safe.

Covid Cleaning Melbourne


Carekleen team takes right measures to practice personal and surrounding hygiene, it is a high priority in the current challenging covid period. As a cleaning service provider, we practice regular routine sanitization. It is important to keep the area clean and follow steps to maintain hygienic conditions all the time, ensuring a safe environment for all our clients.

Carekleen performed in accordance to infection control guidelines and has managed to follow all steps recommemded by the Department of Health, Australia.

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